Cofnodion – Cyngor Cymuned Llanddewi Brefi – 25/10/2021

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Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on 25th October 2021.

Councillors: Eirwen James (Chair), Caryl H Jones (Vice Chair), Emmanuel Kincaid, Lynet Pugh, Dafydd Lloyd-Jones, Rhodri Evans, John Ll Griffiths, Pat Parry (as Councillor following agenda item 7).

1. Apologies:- 
Apologies were received from Councillors Beth Anthony and Enfys Hatcher Davies.

2. Personal Matters.

Wishing Sion Gwilym speedy recovery.

Congratulations to Caryl H Jones on her appointment as Chairperson for YFC Cymru.

3. Declaration of Interest
Cllr. Emmanuel Kincaid declared interest in items 5 & 6 on the agenda.

4. To review temporary arrangements for the carrying out of the duties of the Clerk as Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer

Resolved that Minutes for the meeting would be taken by Lynet Pugh.

One Voice Wales (OVW) advise that the Chair of the Council should not be appointed as either Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) or Proper Officer, and that the risks of appointing a Councillor as RFO must be assessed.

Proposed by Rhodri Evans that Emmanuel Kincaid be considered for the role of RFO. Cllr. Kincaid has recently attended training with OVW in Law, Local Government Finance, and the Council’s role as Employer, and has previously prepared budget statements in consultation with the former Clerk. 

Resolved in accordance with Standing Order 16a that Cllr. Kincaid should take on the role of Responsible Financial Officer.

Caryl H Jones, as Vice Chair, was unable to consider the role of Proper Officer due to current commitments, and members proposed that Rhodri Evans be considered for this post.

Resolved that Cllr. Evans should act as Proper Officer for the Council.

Resolved that both these appointments would be on an unpaid basis, and will be reviewed in January 2022.


5. Meet the candidates for the Casual Vacancy

Emmanuel Kincaid left the meeting. 

Pat Parry from Ochor Garth Fach, Llanddewi Brefi, introduced herself to the councillors. Pat has lived in the village for just over a year and is very enthusiastic to support and contribute to community life.

6. Voting on co-option.
Following a vote, Council resolved to co-opt Pat Parry as Councillor.

7. Declaration of Successful Candidate Duly Elected and Declaration of acceptance of office.

Emmanuel Kincaid re-entered the meeting.

Pat Parry was declared duly elected to the Community Council and was officially welcome by the Chair after signing the Declaration of Acceptance of Office, witnessed by the Proper Officer.

8. Budget review and consideration of requests for financial support:

Under Financial regulation 4.2, ‘No expenditure may be authorised that will exceed the amount provided in the revenue budget for that class of expenditure other than by resolution of the Council, or duly delegated committee.’, and in accordance with regulation 4.9, ‘Changes in earmarked reserves shall be approved by Council as part of the budgetary control process.’

After considering the Budget forecast for 2021-22, and the legal basis for future Council spending, Council resolved to transfer earmarked reserves from the Memorial paving repair budget to the budget for financial assistance.

Resolved to make the following payments under the well-being powers in s.2 of the Local Government Act 2000, in response to requests received for financial assistance:

a) YFC – Fireworks display – Agreed to donate £600

b) Cylch Ti a Fi – Agreed to donate £300

9. A.O.B:

a) Lynet Pugh to contact Moody Cow to arrange Christmas dinner for the 10/12/21. If this venue not available to contact Granell, Llanwnen.

b) A letter was received from Ceredigion County Council regarding Clerk’s contact information for the issue of Precept forms for 2022-23. As decided at the meeting on 11/10/2021, Emmanuel Kincaid would receive this correspondence via the official Llanddewi Brefi Clerk’s email address.


10. Date of next meeting 

Monday 8th November 2021.

Caryl H Jones to bring a laptop to ensure that anyone wishing to join the meeting remotely via Zoom would be able to attend. 

Cllr Eirwen James


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