Cofnodion – Cyngor Cymuned Llanddewi Brefi – 13/03/2017

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Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on 13th March 2017 at the Community Centre


Councillors Dafydd Lloyd-Jones (Chairman), Eirwen James (Vice-Chairman), Emmanuel Kincaid, Rhodri Evans, Lisa Jones, Ann M Jones.

1. Councillor D.S.Gwynne Davies, Cllr John Griffiths, and Cllr Maria Tofani, and Caryl Haf Jones apologised for their inability to attend.

2. Personal 
The Council congratulated Ras Gwyl Dewi on being such a success and also to all those who did well at the Henry Richard Eisteddfod.

3. Declaration of Interest

4. Minutes
On the proposition of Councillor Emmanuel Kincaid and seconded by Cllr Lisa Jones the Council authorised the Chairman to sign the minutes of Community Council meeting held on 13th February 2017.

5. Matters arising from the minutes
1. The Street lights will be discussed in the next meeting. It was resolved that the street lights would be reinstated. The number to be discussed at the next meeting.

6.1 Highways

6.1.1 Roads
a. Road widening Pant and Nantdderwen.

6.1.2 Tree and Boundary Maintenance.
a. Fencing right hand side of Pont Llanio Hill.
b. Tree on Pont Llanio Hill.

6.2 Website
Nothing new.


6.3 Car Park By-laws.
Nothing new.

6.4 The Pound Garden
Nothing new.

6.5 Standing Orders.

The Council passed the new amendment to point 18 & 19 of the Standing Orders.

6.6 Financial Regulations.
The Council passed the new amendment to 11.1 and 14.1.

6.7 Defibrillator
Nothing new.

7. Financial Report
Current Account £ 122.89
Business Res A/c £7,593.78

a. Authorising Payments.
E.M.Davies £300.00

b. Paid In

8. Correspondence.
1. Information letter regarding how the Precept will be split up into 2 payments 1st Payment 30th April 2nd Payment 31st October.

9. Reports

10. Matters arising from Ceredigion


a. Planning
1. Notification of application A170145 at Plas Newydd Llanio There were no objections.
2. Notification of Installation of a 20m lattice mast accommodating three no. antennas and two no. dishes with two no. ground based cabinets within a fenced compound. At Bronhelem Llanddewi Brefi. The Council have sent their observations on this matter, and other correspondence they have received from Villagers.

11. Village Hall and Community Centre Trustees Committee
Nothing new.

12. Ysgol Henry Richard 3-16
Nothing new.

13. Cemetery
1. 3 Tenders were forthcoming for the grass cutting this year but after discussion the Council decided to accept Mr D. Benjamin.

14. Any other matter
1. The Council have been informed that there is a lot of graffiti in the playground.
2. The Council were informed that a car is still being parked on the pavement outside Disgwylfa.

Date of next meeting   15th May 2017

Signed                                                         Dated

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