Adroddiad Blynyddol 2014-2015

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The following report of the Council’s work during the year 2014/15 was presented by the clerk:-

Eleven meetings of the Community Council were held during the year, and one meeting to deal with matters relating to the Cemetery also one meeting with the Chair and Clerk relating to drawing up a Financial budget for the year. There was also a meeting held regarding getting a defibrillator for the village. Solvig Frykman Lloyd also had a meeting regarding the work she does with Coleg Ceredigion and the performances she does with students.
The Forest enterprise held an open meeting regarding their future plans. PCSO John Evans has attended several of the Council Meetings.
Representatives attended the following meetings:-

Cllr Mary Pearce – Cllr John Adams Lewis dinner at Aberaeron

10 years of War service and parade in Lampeter
Meetings with Cylch Caron
Llanddewi Brefi School Harvest Festival
Christingle Service
Meeting regarding Bronglais Hospital
50+Annual Conference

Cllr D.S.Gwynne Davies – Fuel Allotments Committee
Cllr Maria Tofani – Barclays Bank Closure in Tregaron
Cllr Emmanuel Kincaid – Reported regarding Traws Link Cymru Group to reopen the railway line from Aberystwyth to Carmarthen.
Also several Councillors attended meetings regarding Ysgol Henry Richard.

Several matters have been discussed with the Highways Department. The drainage on Pont Llanio Road has been done. New signs have been placed in the village, the pillar on Pont Llanio bridge has been repaired New bollards at the end of Garth Lane, and Farmers Road has been resurfaced.
Other matters relating to Llanddewi Brefi is that the Council decided to turn the Street Lights off after midnight. The Council were informed that Ysgol Feithryn had closed. We now have Superfast Broadband , and the Website has been set up for Llanddewi Brefi Community.

The Council decided to apply to register the land opposite Tanybryn but were unsuccessful but were advised to continue maintaining the land, also the Council enquired into getting Bylaws for the car park.
The Council are looking in to placing the old school bell on the square.
The grass at both Cemeteries was cut as usual and the hedge trimmed. The playing filed was also cut and the usual footpaths were cleared during the summer.
A notice board was placed in the Cemetery.

Flowers were planted at the War Memorial and Remembrance Day Service was held as usual and a wreath was placed by the Chairman. Rev David Aeron and S Morgan conducted the Service.

It was resolved to precept for £6500.00 and a Cemetery grant of £3100 was forthcoming from Ceredigion County Council.

The Audit of the Council Accounts for financial year 2014 was completed in September.

The Council renewed their One Voice Wales Membership, and we renewed insurance cover with AON.

Several requests for donations were given Ras Gwyl Dewi, Young Farmers Club, Hall Committee, Henry Richard School P.T.A Llanddewi Brefi.

Several Planning application were granted.

The Christmas tree was placed on the square over the Christmas period, and the fox hounds displayed on the square on Boxing Day.
Christmas dinner was held at the New Inn.

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