Draft Minutes – Llanddewi Brefi Community Council – 20/06/2022



Minutes of the ordinary meeting held on Monday 20th June 2022 at 8:00pm in the Community Centre.
Draft minutes are published in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021, and are subject to approval at the next ordinary meeting of the Community Council.

Councillors: Caryl Jones (Chair), Rhodri Evans, Emmanuel Kincaid, Dafydd Lloyd Jones, Eirwen James, Enfys Hatcher Davies, Pat Parry (remote attendance via Zoom), Lynet Pugh.
Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
Cllr. Lynet Pugh signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office of Member and undertaking to observe the Code of Conduct for members of Llanddewi Brefi Community Council, witnessed by the acting Proper Officer, Cllr. Rhodri Evans.

1. Apologies
Beth Anthony (vice chair), John Lloyd Griffiths.
2. Personal Matters.
3. Declarations of interest
Cllr. Kincaid declared personal and prejudicial interest in items 14b(i) & (ii) on the agenda, and in item 4 before discussion of potential applicant.
4. Review arrangements for the carrying out of the duties of the Clerk as Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer
There have been no applicants for the position, but one member of the community has expressed interest in the post. Cllr. Kincaid left the meeting during the discussion regarding the potential applicant.
The Community Council resolved to support the candidate, and to provide training.
The Chair and acting proper officer will discuss the position with the candidate.
5. Minutes.
Cllr. Kincaid re-joined the meeting.
a. On the proposition of Cllr. Enfys Hatcher-Davies, and seconded by Cllr. Eirwen James, the Council authorised the Chair to accept and sign the minutes of the Community Council Annual meeting held on the 9th May 2022.
b. On the proposition of Cllr. Dafydd Lloyd Jones, and seconded by Cllr. Rhodri Evans, the Council authorised the Chair to accept and sign the minutes of the Ordinary Community Council meeting held on the 9th May 2022.


c. On the proposition of Cllr. Rhodri Evans, and seconded by Cllr. Pat Parry, the Council authorised the Chair to accept and sign the minutes of the Extraordinary Community Council meeting held on the 16th May 2022.

6. Matters arising from the minutes.
16/05/2022, Item 9:
Cllr Kincaid sent a quote for a press release regarding the Cynnal Llanddewi Brefi Project to Cynnal y Cardi.
7. Internal Audit report and approving the Accounting and Annual Governance statements for the year ended 31 March 2022.
The Annual Return, including Internal Audit report, Accounting and Annual Governance statements, had been emailed to members for review prior to the meeting. The contents were noted and the Council resolved to authorise the Chair and Responsible Financial Officer to sign the Annual return for the year ended 31 March 2022.
The Notice of appointment of the date for the exercise of electors’ rights was published on 16/06/2022.
8. Financial report.
a. The bank reconciliation report for the period ending 20 June 2022
was presented by the RFO, approved by members, and signed by the Chair.
Bank balances at 18/05/2022:
Current A/c
Reserve A/c
Reserve A/c
b. Authorisation of payments.
i. Fencing repairs – Pynfarch – quotation for materials to be submitted next month.
c. Recurring payments – payment to the following recipients by ongoing variable direct debit instruction was authorised:
i. BT – Hall telephone & broadband.
ii. ICO – data protection fees.
iii. Dŵr Cymru.
The following recurring payments were noted in the financial report:
iv. Bank charges for the period 13/04/2022-12/05/2022 (Local Government Act 1972, s.111) – £10.92


d. Payments received.
i. Western Power; wayleave payment – £14.01
ii. Reimbursement for donation to RBL Poppy Appeal on behalf of Llanddewi Brefi YFC – £25.00.

Receipt of two payments totalling £50.00 was still outstanding in respect of disbursements for Remembrance Day wreaths.
9. Burial authority fees and payment arrangements.
To be reviewed next month.
10. To review progress with Cynnal Llanddewi Brefi LEADER Grant project.
A further training date to be arranged with Pugh Computers.
Payment of admin fees to Powys County Council for volunteer DBS checks was authorised – the grant award includes £144 to cover the cost of 12 volunteer applications.
Cllr. James, as the designated safeguarding lead, to act as volunteer co-ordinator and liaise with the “Children & Young People’s Participation” Officer for Ceredigion Council, Gwion Bowen.
11. Correspondence (copies forwarded to members).
a. Audit Wales – national Survey of town and community councils.
b. Wales Community Food Distribution – Newsletter
c. Email re Hedgehog Highway Project
d. CEREDIGION Public Services Board – PSB Local Well-being Plan Engagement Survey
12. Report from the PCSO.
PCSO John Evans discussed concerns raised by members regarding police presence and traffic speeds in the village. Members of the community are worried about children walking on the roads and the speeding cars not stopping on junctions. It may be possible to install illuminated speed indicating signs, but a traffic count/ speed survey may be needed. Cllr. Evans to investigate this.
The PCSO reminded members that a surgery is held on the first Wednesday of the month near the post office van location and on the square. Anyone can report concerns online or by calling 101.
13. County Councillor’s report on matters arising from Ceredigion
Several planning applications have been received and also determined recently by the local planning authority for the Llangeitho electoral ward.
Ceredigion County Council have already started carrying out work on the highways leading to Tregaron in preparation for the National Eisteddfod i.e. grass cutting, weed spraying, surface dressing of roads.


A Welsh Government speed review consultation is underway, for a 20mph speed limit in all villages throughout Wales. For Llanddewi Brefi, a map has been produced showing the proposed locations of these new speed limit signs. Cllr. Rhodri Evans to bring the map to the next community council meeting.
14. Planning applications
a. To note the following approvals:
i. A211064 – Morfa Isaf, Llanddewi Brefi, SY25 6RP; Extension to dwelling
ii. A220262 – Brynglas, Llanddewi Brefi; Upgrading of access track
b. To consider the following applications (Cllr. Kincaid left the meeting during the discussion of items (i) and (ii):
i. A220327 – Retrospective application for groundworks including hedge removal, felling of trees and installation of new septic tank; Bryndomen, Tregaron, SY25 6PR. – No objections
ii. A220324 – Listed Building Consent – Replace front entrance door, render to gable wall, central heating system. Install Extract fan units; 3 Penuwch Street – No objections
Cllr. Kincaid re-joined the meeting.
iii. A220288 – Installation and operation of a 90m temporary meteorological mast; Land 3km Southeast Of Mountain Road (unclassified Road U1518) Llanddewi Brefi.
Residents of Cynwyl Gaeo Community were in remote attendance, and members of the public addressed the meeting.
The Chair and other members reminded everyone that the application was for a temporary mast, and that wider issues relating to the Wind farm proposal were not relevant to consideration of this application. Members also noted that more details about the wind farm proposal would be needed in order to fully consider a response to consultation in due course, and that the proposed temporary mast would provide data to inform the design and layout. It was noted that these types of developments are decided by Welsh Government, not the local planning authority.
Members of the public raised concerns that the RAF need to be consulted. Further comments were raised regarding noise, height, number of turbines, green space, infrastructure regarding roads and tourism, and negative impact on the historical and natural environment in relation to the Wind Farm proposal.


Of particular concern was the potential height (up to 200m) to blade tip– approx. 55m higher than the existing Brechfa Forest turbines, and the potential for expansion (the possibility of 42 turbines was raised). Council has been advised by the development company, Belltown Power, that there are no plans for a second phase, and the Waun Maenllwyd proposal is limited by the available capacity at Lampeter sub-station. Some attendees felt that objections to the meteorological mast should be recorded at this stage to try to prevent further consideration of wind farm development in this location. Residents were not all objecting to wind turbines in principle, but to the scale of the proposal.
Again, it was advised that these points are not necessarily material considerations with regard to the application for the temporary mast, but that the comments were noted and appreciated.
It was noted that the mast would be delivered in sections able to be transported using the mountain road from Llanddewi Brefi to Ffarmers, and that an archaeological assessment had already been requested by the County Council’s advisors.
iv. PL/03820 – Installation of a 30m lattice tower, Clywedog Plantation.
Members of the public addressed the meeting and raised concerns regarding the need for the proposed installation in consideration of its landscape setting, and the context of high-speed broadband provision in the area delivering internet-based call services.
The Council discussed the proposed coverage plots and noted that the area of benefit seemed disproportionately small in relation to the negative impacts of the development on the North Eastern Uplands Special Landscape Area, in contravention of LDP policy. All members agreed that this view should be forwarded to the planning authority in response to the consultation.
15. To receive a report from the Village Hall and Recreation Grounds committee.
The Chair thanked everyone for their hard work in organising the Jubilee weekend events.
Next open meeting to be held on the 28th of June at 7:30pm at the Community Centre to organise the Carnival, to be held on 13th August 2022 – start at 3pm. The Chair will collect suggestions from the boxes in Siop Brefi and The New Inn.


16. A.O.B.
a. Eisteddfod – Strimming, cleaning, display, painting. Community to meet on the 8th of July.
b. Bunting – Noise from the bunting on the square is causing a nuisance to residents. Council to move the bunting. Enfys to create posters and to organise the display.
c. Cwm Brefi road repairs – Need to know when repairs will be complete. (Not likely to be before the Eisteddfod)
d. Soar y Mynydd 200th anniversary celebration – Council to send a card or letter to Soar y Mynydd.
e. Fuel Allotment Trust – Need to follow up request for sight of original governing document.
f. Abandoned bicycles reported to 101. Chair to forward photos to the PCSO.
g. Concerns expressed from members the public regarding the use of drugs. This has been reported to the PCSO.
h. A letter was received from Sêr Dewi asking for financial support to pay for referees. To be put on the agenda for next month. A financial statement will be requested.
17. Date of next meeting.
Next ordinary meeting scheduled for 11/07/2022

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