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Communities are divisions of land that form the basis of the first tier of local government in Wales, below unitary authorities (or county councils). They replaced Welsh Civil Parishes  in 1974.

Community councils in Wales perform the same functions as parish councils in England. They exist to act as a voice for the community, to represent its needs and views to to the local authority, and other public bodies, and to provide a limited range of services at a local level.

Community council area boundary


Llanddewi Brefi Community Council consists of 10 elected volunteer Councillors, and an employed Clerk, representing approximately 640 residents in the village and surrounding community (2011 Census data). Llangeitho ward in the Ceredigion County Council area covers the community of Llanddewi Brefi.

The full council is responsible for making all decisions at its meetings. These are normally held on the second Monday of every month. However, the council may decide, at its meetings, to delegate specific tasks to groups of councillors or to the clerk.

Community council meetings are normally held in the small meeting room at the Village Hall. Meetings are advertised, and members of the public are able to attend; the Agenda is published on this website, and is displayed on the council’s noticeboard, at least 3 clear days before all meetings. Minutes of the meetings are similarly published following their approval at the next council meeting.

Each year, the community council sets a precept, a sum of money to be collected through the council tax by the local authority; to fund it’s spending on services.

Details of this spending are available on the Finance pages of this website, together with the annual return submitted to the Wales Audit Office at the end of the financial year.

PDFAnnual report of the Council for the year 2022/23
PDFAnnual report of the Council for the year 2021/22

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