Car Park

Car Park-2The car park is located near the centre of the village between the Church and the village hall. There is an Information board highlighting some of the interesting historical details of the village. The car park also houses a glass-recycling bank.
Public toilets are situated a short walk away from the village square; just off the B4343, to the right, in the direction of Lampeter.

Community Car Park Policy

  • The Community Car Park is provided for the benefit of all residents and visitors.
  • This facility helps to keep the narrow roads around this historic village clear and safe.
  • Please do not park large lorries and trailers in the car park as it is relatively small and not suitable for vehicles other than cars and small vans.
  • The Car Park is meant for short term use only, please do not abuse this facility.
  • This policy is designed to allow fair access for all users.

Location Map

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