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Llanddewi Brefi Cemetery was established in 1894, to provide additional burial space for the church and chapels, and is located at the Northern end of the village next to the B4343. It is also home to the village war memorial.


The Cemetery is maintained and managed by Llanddewi Brefi Community Council in respect of those who are interred there and for the benefit of those who tend the graves and honour their memory.

The following rules are intended to ensure a fair balance between the rights and interests of individuals and our obligation to maintain safe and tidy grounds.

Please observe these rules and help us to maintain this cemetery as a beautiful and peaceful place:

  • No dogs, except guide dogs, are allowed in the Cemetery.
  • The riding of cycles and playing of games is not permitted.
  • Please do not place glass items on or near graves as broken glass can cause injury.
  • Dead flowers and foliage, paper and all other rubbish should be deposited in the bins provided near the entrance gate.
  • In order to allow grass to be cut straight across the lines of the grave stones, please stand all objects, including flower containers, directly on to the headstone plinth, and not on the grass in front of the headstone.

Maintenance of memorials is the responsibility of the holder of Burial Rights. If any memorial becomes unsafe, the Community Council will always try to contact the grave owner or next of kin, but reserves the right to take the following action where necessary to ensure safety:

  • Any memorials found to be unsafe, and which pose an immediate danger, may be made safe immediately, without prior notice given to the holder of the Exclusive Right of Burial in that plot. Contact will then be made as soon as possible advising them of the action taken and the nature of the problem.
  • Any memorial found to be unsafe, but which does not pose an immediate danger, will have a warning notice placed upon it. The holder of the Exclusive Right of Burial relating to the grave will be contacted and requested to rectify the defects.

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Table of Burial Fees and Payments

April 2023

(a) Right of Burial £40.00
(b) Interment in a single grave £550.00
(c) Interment in a double grave £650.00
(d) Interment in a grave for three £TBC
(e) For each subsequent interment  
  — First opening £550.00
  — Second opening £TBC
(f) Interment of a child*  
(g) Interment of cremated remains £120.00
(h) The right to erect a memorial (inc. wooden cross) £25.00
(i) There will be no charge for the right to erect a memorial for a child*.  
(j) Cost of vase ‘In Memory’ (exc. headstone) £10.00

* In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between Welsh Ministers, the Welsh Local Government Association and One Voice Wales, the Council will no longer charge fees for Child Burials and Cremations for a person under the age of 18 (including stillborn and foetal remains).

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(1) Depth from top of coffin to ground level — 3 feet (0.91m).
(2) Gravestone or cross must not be more than 3 1/2 feet high (1.07m).
(3) In the absence of a Gravestone, approved vase to be placed in line with headstone.
(4) Grave to be finished level with ground.
(5) Consecrated Side – Headstone only from present row onwards. Unconsecrated Side – Headstone only from path downwards.
(6) 4 feet (1.22m) from centre of one grave to the centre of the next grave.
(7) Length of grave to be 8 feet (2.44m).
(8) Grave space will not be sold prior to interment unless a request is made by a family following the first interment, then one additional grave space be allowed next to the first grave space.
(9) Minister/Vicar must be present during Interment/Burial of ashes.
(10) Scattering of Ashes will not be permitted.
(11) The holder of burial rights shall be responsible for the removal of memorials prior to the reopening of graves for an additional burial, in order to ensure safe working conditions.

For further enquiries contact:

Mrs M. Davies
Llanddewi Brefi
Tel: 01974 298636
Email: clerk@llanddewibrefi.org

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