County Councils are responsible for providing the majority of public services. Community Councils have fewer duties, but can use their legal powers to provide, or assist others to provide, a range of services at a local level. A list of these powers and associated activities can be found in the ‘Good Councillor’s Guide 2012’, a copy of which can be downloaded from the Welsh Government website.

County councils have a duty to consult with Community Councils on issues that affect local people, and to consider their responses.  Relevant issues include planning applications, matters affecting highways or rights of way, and licensing applications within the community.

Community Councils may hold meetings in order to ask questions of residents, or provide information about services or relevant matters. A poll may be taken at these meetings, and they have a duty to consider the result and take appropriate action.

Llanddewi Brefi Community Council is a member of One Voice Wales, an organization that offers training and advice on legal and policy matters to Town and Community Councils across Wales. This also ensures it is kept informed of changes that affect Community Councils.

The Community Council uses its powers to provide the following services:

Services - Llanddewi Brefi Cemetery and War Memorial

  • Provision and maintenance of the council and community website.
  • Street lighting within the village.
  • Public roadside seats.
  • Christmas trees and festive lighting.
  • Public notice and information boards.
  • Maintenance of some grass amenity areas within the village.
  • Provision of a Burial ground.
  • Maintenance and repair of the War Memorial.

The Council also acts as a custodial trustee for the Village Hall and Recreation Ground. An independent charity, registered Nr 523862, is responsible for the management and day to day running of the Hall and the council is represented on its committee.

Planning Applications
One Voice Wales (External link)

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