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Letter from Elin Jones MS & Ben Lake MP – Broadband Upgrade Fund:

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Dear Community Councillors,

We are writing to inform you that residents across Ceredigion may now be entitled to significant Government funding to upgrade their broadband connection.

Ceredigion is one of seven rural counties selectecl to take part in a new broadband pilot scheme. Residential and business properties in Ceredigion which currently have broadband speeds of less than 30 Mbps available to them may now be eligible for funding through the Broadband Upgrade Fund and the Welsh Government’s top-up voucher scheme.

The funding provides residents and businesses with a small grant (voucher) that can be put towards the cost of installing gigabit capable broadband to their premises, using a supplier registered with the scheme.

As you will know, it is often more expensive for Industry to roll out broadband infrastructure in rural areas of the country. In order to help tackle this problem, the Welsh Government has announced that it will now “top up” the UK Government’s funding for the hardest to reach properties, offering an additional £1,500 for residential properties, and a further £3,500 for each small to medium-sized business (SME).

Premises UK Government’s Broadband Upgrade Fund Welsh Government top-up voucher scheme Total funding available for installation
Residential Up to £1,500 Up to £1,500 Up to £3,000
Small & medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) Up to £3,500 Up to £3,500 Up to £7,000

The UK Government vouchers are available to all homes and businesses in Ceredigion receiving less than 30 Mbps, and will be grouped with vouchers from neighbouring premises to fund the work required to improve the network for the local community. It is important that as many premises as possible register their interest in the scheme in order to ensure that the total value of vouchers in an area covers most, if not all, of the build costs. A single application per premises is all that is required, as properties eligible for the Welsh Government `top-up’ will automatically receive the funding when benefiting from the UK voucher.

What do your constituents need to do next?

We are encouraging all constituents with speeds of less than 30mbps to register their interest in the Broadband Upgrade Fund scheme by doing so on the following link:

The deadline to register interest for the Broadband Upgrade Fund is 30 September 2020

If there ls enough interest in your local area, it mlght also be the case that we can look at using the vouchers as part of a demand-led Community Fibre Partnership scheme:

We would be grateful if you could share the above information as widely as possible in your communities.

With many thanks and kindest regards,

Elin Jones MS

Ben Lake MP


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