Agenda – Llanddewi Brefi Community Council – 12/09/2022

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A Meeting of the Community Council will be held on Monday 12th September 2022 at 7:00pm in the Community Centre.
Members of the public wishing to attend remotely should email in advance to request a link to the meeting.


1) To receive apologies.
2) Presentation by Rachel Carter, One Voice Wales’s ‘Local Places for Nature’ Officer.
3) Personal Matters.
4) Declarations of interest.
5) Public participation:
Section 48 of The Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 makes provision for public participation at full community council meetings or those part of meetings which are open to the public. The Chair will give members of the public in attendance reasonable opportunity to make representations about any items of business on the agenda.
Specific matters for discussion are to be submitted to the Clerk 7 days in advance of scheduled ordinary meetings (usually the 2nd Monday of the month)
6) To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 11 July 2022.
7) Matters arising from the minutes
8) Financial report.

a) To approve the bank reconciliation for the period ending 30 August 2022
b) Authorisation of payments:

i) Fencing repairs – Pynfarch; quote from CCF
ii) One Voice Wales – Membership fee 2023

Clerk’s office equipment – to approve revised payments
iii) Computer – quote from Pugh Computers
iv) Filing cabinet–quote from Compass office supplies

Reimbursement of payments made by members.
v) Zoom subscription 06/06/22-06/09/22
vi) Purchase of bunting; 7 x 20m
vii) Purchase of flowers for war memorial
viii) Sundry supplies for youth club

c) Recurring payments:

i) BT – Hall telephone & broadband

d) Payments received:

i) Precept – 2nd instalment; £2,833.33
ii) Burial rights – £80.00
iii) Wayleave – BT Openreach – £4.80

e) Budget review

9) To review Burial authority fees and payment arrangements.
10) To consider Council funding for village hall refuse collection/ cleaning.
11) To consider applications for financial support.
12) To review progress with Cynnal Llanddewi Brefi LEADER Grant project.
13) Correspondence (copies forwarded to members).

a) Boundary Commission for Wales – Secondary Consultation Period on Wales’s proposed new constituencies
b) Audit Wales – Audit instructions
c) IRPW – confirmation of return receipt
d) Ceredigion County Council – updated Engagement and Participation Policy
e) Ceredigion County Council – Audit Wales report
f) One Voice Wales – It’s for Them campaign: stakeholder toolkit | GOV.WALES
g) One Voice Wales – Small Grants – Woodland Creation | Sub-topic | GOV.WALES
h) Defibrillator recall notice.

14) To receive a report from the PCSO.
15) County Councillor’s report on matters arising from Ceredigion
16) To discuss changes to bus timetables and accessibility of public transport.
17) To receive a report from the Village Hall and Recreation Grounds committee.
18) Questions to the Chair.
19) Date of next meeting.


L Zanoni, Clerk to the Council 

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