Minutes – Llanddewi Brefi Community Council – 09/12/2019

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Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on 9th December 2019 at the Community Centre

Councillors John Ll Griffiths(Chairman), Eirwen James, Emmanuel Kincaid, Dafydd Lloyd-Jones, Caryl H Jones, Beth Anthony, Lynet Pugh, Enfys H Davies.

1. Apologies:- 
Councillor Rhodri Evans apologised for his inability to attend.

2. Personal 

3. Declaration of Interest
As they arise.

4. Minutes
On the proposition of Councillor Emmanuel Kincaid and seconded by Cllr Caryl Haf Jones the Council authorised the Chairman to sign the minutes of Community Council meeting held on 11th November 2019.

5. Matters arising from the minutes

  1. It was decided that the Councillors should bring their suggestions to the next meeting so that we can decide on the precept.

6.1.1 Roads
a. Road widening Pant and Nantdderwen.
b. Work to be done on Quar Road. Divert surface water towards stream.
c. White lines on junction by Ardwyn and Pont Llanio Hill

6.2 Tree and Boundary Maintenance.
a. Fencing right hand side of Pont Llanio Hill.
b. Tree on Pont Llanio Hill.

6.3 Website
a. Nothing new.


6.4 The Pound Garden
a. Nothing new.

6.5 Defibrillator
Defib A/c £ 1,692.00
Pads Bought £ 71.85
Left in Account £ 1,620.15

6.6 Standing Orders
Nothing new.

7. Financial Report
Proposed budget for 20/21 was presented for consideration at the next meeting.

 Current Account £ 100.00
 High Int Acc £ 4,512.06

a. Authorising Payments.

Compass Office supplies £ 114.96
 T.T.S. Grit £ 139.20
 G. Jones Mince pies £ 20.00
 Foelallt Mulled Wine £ 18.60
 Maureen Davies Salary £ 900.00

b. Paid In

T.E. Jones Funeral Costs £ 920.00
G Price Funeral costs £ 450.00

8. Correspondence.

  1. Soar Y Mynydd thanked the Council for their donation of £100.00 towards repairing the bridge

9. Reports

10. Matters arising from Ceredigion


b. Planning
a) Planning Application No A190731 Esgair Garn approved.
b) Planning application No 190545 extension Graig approved.

11. Village Hall and Community Centre Trustees Committee
Awaiting for feedback from Ceredigion to do the heating.

12. Ysgol Henry Richard 3-16
Ffair Nadolig to be held on the 10th December.
17th December School Concert.
20th December Christmas Service.

13. Cemetery
Remembrance Day Service was held as usual. Rev Stephen Morgan took the service.

14 Eisteddfod 2020
Llanddewi Brefi have reached their target.

15. New Policy
Two Options for a New Concerns and Complaints Policy procedure were discussed at the meeting. Council resolved to adopt option 2 based on One Voice Wales guidance.

16. Any other matter
a) Carol singing and Mulled wine and Mince pies will be on the square the 13th December.
b) The Council were asked when will the mast at Bronhelem be switched on.
c) We need to make the Village welcoming over the Eisteddfod.
d) Christmas dinner will be held on 18th January 2020 at the Hungry Ram.

17. Flood resilience Group 
Awaiting update from Cllr Rhodri Evans.

18. Date of next meeting   13th January 2020


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