Minutes – Llanddewi Brefi Community Council – 09/11/2020

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Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on 9th November 2020 on Zoom
Councillors John Ll Griffiths(Chairman), Caryl Jones (Vice-Chair)  Eirwen James, Emmanuel Kincaid,  Lynet Pugh, Rhodri Evans, Dafydd Lloyd-Jones,  Beth Anthony, Enfys H Davies.

1. Apologies:- 

2. Personal Matters.
Congratulations was given to Cllr Dafydd Lloyd-Jones and Delyth on becoming Grandparents. Condolences were given to Cllr Enfys H. Davies on the loss of her  Grandfather, and we wished Caryl Evans a speedy recovery after being in hospital.

3. Declaration of Interest
Cllr Beth Anthony declared her interest on Planning application No A200846 Bronberllan, Llanddewi Brefi and left the meeting during discussions.

4. Minutes
On the proposition of Councillor Beth Anthony and seconded by Cllr Emmanuel Kincaid the Council passed the minutes for October 12th 2020.

5. Matters arising from the minutes

Nothing new

6.1 Roads
a. Road widening Pant and Nantdderwen.
b. Work to be done on Quar Road. Divert surface water towards stream.
c. White lines on junction by Ardwyn.
d. Road needs resurfacing between Bear House and Bethesda Chapel.

6.2 Tree and Boundary Maintenance.
a. Fencing right hand side of Pont Llanio Hill.

6.3 Website
a. Post put up on Armistice Day.


6.4 The Pound Garden
a. Nothing New

6.5 Defibrillator

Defib A/c  balance £1,460.15

6.6 Standing Orders
Nothing new.

7. Financial Report
Current Account  £     52.06
High Int Acc  £5,152.63

a. Authorising Payments.

R. Evans Hedge Cutting Cemetery   £ 117.60
Poppy Appeal Wreath   £  45.00
L. Pugh cost of Flag    £  5.95
E. Kincaid cost of Zoom and Flag (Postage)   £ 58.21
Playsafety (Hall)   £ 115.80
Dwr Cymru(Hall)   £   78.06
S.S.E.(Hall)   £ 432.87
B.T Hall phone Bill   £   36.59

b. Paid In
Wreath  £  20.00
T. E. Jones Burials £1,900.00
T.E.Jones Burial £1,240.00

8. Correspondence.

9. Reports

10. Matters arising from Ceredigion


b) Planning. No 200846 Bronberllan, Llanddewi Brefi.
The Council had no objections.

11. Village Hall and Community Centre Trustees Committee
The Hall Committee need to have an Extraordinary General Meeting and pass a resolution in order for the Council to become Sole Trustee of Llanddewi Brefi Village Hall and Recreation Ground.

12. Ysgol Henry Richard 3-16
Nothing to report.

13. Cemetery
Nothing new.

14. Any other matter.

  1. A Christmas tree will be put up on the square on the 5th December.
  2. New grit bin will be bought for Cysgod y Llan
  3. The best Christmas decorated House will be held this year as usual Entries to be in by the 12th and judging will be done that week and the result will be announced on the Website on the 19th December. The Councillors will provide the Hamper for the prize.
  4. Water on Pont Llanio Hill.
  5. The Council were informed that a new rail was being placed by the steps on footpath 48/18 next to Cysgod y Llan.

15. Date of next meeting 
14th December 2020


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