Minutes – Llanddewi Brefi Community Council – 09/04/2018

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Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on 9th April 2018 at the Community Centre


Councillors  Rhodri Evans (Chairman), Eirwen James (Vice-Chiarman) Emanuel Kincaid,  Dafydd Lloyd-Jones, Lynet Pugh, Caryl H Jones.

Councillor John Ll Griffiths, Cllr Enfys H Davies, Cllr Beth Anthony, and Cllr Lisa Jones apologised for their inability to attend.

2. Personal 
The Council congratulated Enfys and Emyr Davies on the birth of their son Trefor.

3. Declaration of Interest
Councillor Emmanuel Kincaid declared his interest on the planning application A180256 Lletypoeth Llanddewi Brefi.

4. Minutes
On the proposition of Councillor Emmanuel Kincaid and seconded by Cllr Lynet Pugh the Council authorised the Chairman to sign the minutes of Community Council meeting held on 12thMarch 2018.

5. Matters arising from the minutes
1. Ceredigion County Council have cleared the path from Gwarcoed to Talfan but if there are any issues in the future could we please get in touch with the landowners responsible.

6.1.1 Roads
We have been informed that the culvert by Abercoed will be replaced soon to avoid any more flooding.
a. Road widening Pant and Nantdderwen.
b. Work to be done on Quar Road.
c. New Grit Bins
d. Widening of Car Park entrance.


6.2 Tree and Boundary Maintenance.
a. Fencing right hand side of Pont Llanio Hill.
b. Tree on Pont Llanio Hill.

6.3 Website
a. Nothing new.

6.4 The Pound Garden
Nothing new.

6.5 Defibrillator
Nothing new.

6.6 Street Lights
Nothing new.

7. Financial Report
Current Account £ 100.00
Business Res A/c £ 9,092.92

a. Authorising Payments.
Hire and rental of B.T. Line £ 614.90

b. Paid In

8. Correspondence.
1. A letter from Ceredigion regarding Irresponsible Dog Ownership. The Council considered its contents.

9. Reports
The Council had a special meeting to discuss the contents and lay out of the proposals for the Boundaries Commission information and documentation and points for consideration was placed on the Website and shop and two local public houses.


10. Matters arising from Ceredigion
Full Council meeting for the proposals for the Boundary will be held at Ceredigion on Thursday.

a. Planning
The Council supported the outline planning application for A180256 Lletypoeth Llanddewi Brefi.

11. Village Hall and Community Centre Trustees Committee

The Hall Committee were unsuccessful with the Hanfod Grant.

12. Ysgol Henry Richard 3-16
Councillor Eirwen James voiced concern that a new build for Ysgol Llangeitho for the Meithrin Campus appeared to ignore a more strategic thinking on the part of Ceredigion Education Department in view of Llanddewi Brefi Primary school closure and that consideration might be made to the building available. This was the view of one Councillor.

13. Cemetery
1. Councillors decided to place a notice on the Cemetery board for information regarding the stones that have been laid down for safety reasons.

14. Any other matter
1 The Council were informed that there is a broken stone on the bridge at Pont Llanio again.
2. The Council have been in formed that there are pot holes on Pont Llanio Junction and by Pistyllgwyn entrance.
3. The Council have been told that there is ditch blocked by Werndriw.
4. There is an unsafe tree between Nantdderwen and Abercarfan.
5. Problems again with the mess coming down Quar Road from Brynheulog.
6. The Council will inform Ceredigion of the missing sign for Llanddewi Brefi on Werndriw side.

Date of next meeting   14th May 2018

Signed                                                         Dated

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