Minutes – Llanddewi Brefi Community Council – 08/04/2024


Minutes of the Ordinary meeting held on Monday 8th April 2024 at 7:30pm in the Community Centre.

Draft minutes are published in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 and are subject to approval at the next ordinary meeting of the Community Council.


Councillors: Beth Griffiths (Chair), Dafydd Lloyd Jones (Vice-Chair), Rhodri Evans, Eirwen James, Angela Evans, Gareth Jones, Pat Parry Emmanuel Kincaid.

1. To receive apologies
Cllrs: John Griffiths, Caryl Jones, PCSO John Evans.

2. Personal Matters.

3. Declarations of interest.

4. Public participation.

5. To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 11th March 2024
Proposed to be a correct record by Cllr. Beth Griffiths and seconded by Cllr. Dafydd Lloyd Jones

6. Matters arising from the minutes
The following points were noted from matters within the minutes from 11th March 2024

a) 1070/6(13) No further feedback had been received from CAVO/ Severn Wye.
b) 1072/7e It was decided to defer trial of MS Teams until completion of the current audit.
c) 1073/9 Specific councillor’s training needs would be considered at the annual meeting review.
d) 1073/10e None of the workshop dates proposed by BTP were able to be considered. Clerk to request availability for later April/ early May.
e) 1074/11 PCSO JE has been attending Caffi Dewi sessions on Tuesdays.
f) 1074/14 Easter Bingo was a great success with around 60 taking part in the bingo and raffle at the community centre. The Youth Club also attended and raised funds for their activities.
g) 1074/15b Period Poverty products had been received by the clerk and Cllr PP would submit proposals for dispensers to the next hall committee meeting.


7. Financial report

a. To approve the bank reconciliation for the period ending 31st March 2024.
The schedule of payments (sent to Councillors before the meeting) was approved and the following noted:

i. Current account: £100.00
ii. Reserve account (1): £1,634.70
iii. Reserve account (2): £5,964.63
Total all bank balances: £7,699.63
Total reconciled balance to agree with cash book at 31/03/2024: £ 7,169.95
Earmarked reserves for defibrillator maintenance: £1,388.15
Earmarked reserves for Youth club: £297.27

b. Authorisation of payments.
Council approved payments to 31/03/2024 (it was noted that the cheque for Clerk’s expenses would be signed after the meeting by Cllr Rh. Evans):

i. Staff and confidential payments – (Local Government Act 1972, s.111/ LG (Misc.Provisions) Act 1976 s.19) £329.00
ii. Reimbursement of Clerk’s expenses (Printer Ink, Paper, Postage, (Local Government Act 1972, s.111) £ 31.51.

iii. Audit Fees 22-23 (Local Government Act 1972, s.111) £ 200.00

c. Recurring payments – confirmation of ongoing variable direct debit instructions:
Council approved recurring payments to 31/03/2024:

i. BT – Hall telephone & broadband 1/11-31/12/2023. (LG (Misc.Provisions) Act 1976 s.19), £ 52.74
ii. Bank charges – Commission charges 13FEB/12 MAR (Local Government Act 1972, s.111), £13.65.

d. Payments received.
Council noted the following receipts:

i. Barclays Bank Interest 4 Dec- 3 Mar £ 24.28
ii. Barclays Bank Interest 4 Dec- 3 Mar £6.09
iii. Barclays Bank – Bank Loyalty 15/01/24-11/02/24 £ 0.70


iv. Llanddewi Brefi YFC Wreath Reimbursement (2022-2023)-£50.00
v. Youth Club Food Sales £ 34.90

8. Update on Fit for Future Facilities Programme application.

a. To note grant application documentation submission.

Documents had been issued to councillors before the meeting. The application was submitted on 28/03/24 and receipt had been acknowledged.

b. To note planning application submission.

Documents issued to councillors before the meeting were presented. The application was submitted on 02/04/24 but acknowledged from CCC had not yet been received.

9. To note the Draft proposals from the Local Democracy & Boundary Commission and consider response from the Council.
A Motion proposed by Cllr. EK, and seconded by Cllr BG was approved, to bring forward item 9 (before item 5) as Cllr. RhE had to leave by 8:15
It was resolved: to appoint committee as an advisory Task & Finish group to draft Council’s response to the boundary proposals by LDBC Wales (RhE, EK, BG (chair), DLJ(Vice-chair)) and report back to full Council. The report is to be shared with members for input and will include consideration of alternative proposals.
A draft PowerPoint presentation for the public meeting was shared with members, and the structure was agreed with the following headings:
• Review background
• Council size policy
• Current arrangement
• Draft proposal
• Current expenditure
• Financial impact of proposals
• Potential loss of services
• Timeline of review
• Contact details for responses
The public meeting on 16/4 had been advertised on FB and the community website. Several members reported discussions with residents regarding the proposed boundary changes.


a. Audit Wales: Audit Notice 2024 (Ceredigion, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire).
Noted recommendation to issue Audit notice by 16/6/24.
b. Ceredigion County Council


i. Llanddewi Brefi by-election – staff breakdown and 2024/2025 precept payment.
Noted that the charge for Polling card mailing was significantly in excess of Royal Mail tariff, printing costs were considered excessive, and that training and pension costs were not included in the published schedule of fees and charges.
ii. Call for applications for new Cynnal y Cardi Events Programme Fund – 13/03/2024.
It was noted that current applications would need to be concluded before considering further projects.
iii. CSGA Consultation Report.

c. One Voice Wales

i. Ceredigion Area Committee 15.4.24.
Representatives to send apologies due to other committee meetings.
ii. Annual Financial Timetable of Actions.
Noted that LlBCC already implement the actions recommended.
Training dates noted.

11. To receive a report from the PCSO
No incidents had been reported since the last meeting.

12. County Councillor’s report on matters arising from Ceredigion
Cllr. RhE had to leave the meeting at 8:30 and was unable to give a report.

13. Planning applications

a. To consider the following application:

i. A240187: Morfa Isaf, Llanddewi Brefi, Tregaron, Ceredigion, SY25 6RP.
Householder Planning-

The documents issued to councillors prior to the meeting were reviewed. It was noted that the access gate was existing, and that permission had already been granted for the two-storey element of the proposed extension. There were no objections to the proposal.

14. To receive a report from the Village Hall and Recreation Grounds committee.
• 100 club winning numbers for 2023 were presented and it was agreed that these should be published in the minutes:


Llanddewi Brefi Village Hall and Recreation Ground 100 Club
Draw 2023

113rd£ 5.00 
121st£ 15.00 
141st£ 15.00 
223rd£ 5.00
Total        £180.00 

• A report of damage to the hall and equipment by users over the last 18 months was noted and will be considered by the Hall committee.
• A request had been sent to EXL Windows and copied to members regarding completion and rectification of works at the hall.

15. Questions to the Chair.

a) AE – asked if new toilet roll holders could be fitted to the Hall WCs.
b) GJ – noted issues with blocked drains to the front of the community centre.
c) PP – Caffi Dewi have suggested a service to provide a limited grocery collection service, with small items to be requested and paid for in advance and collected during cafe sessions at the hall.
d) EJ – mentioned that the bench in Hyfrydle still needed to be repaired.

16. Date of next meeting (s)

• Public meeting 16/04/2024 7:30pm
• Extraordinary meeting 15/04/2024 7:30pm
• Task and Finish Boundary review committee 22/04/2024 7:00pm
• Hall committee (as sole trustee – not open to the public) 22/04/2024 (to follow T&F committee)
• Annual and Ordinary meetings of Council to be held 13/05/2024.

The meeting closed at 21:40pm.

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