Annual Report 2017-2018

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The following report of the Council’s work during the year 2017/2018 was presented by the clerk:-
Eleven meetings of the Community Council were held during the year, and two extra meetings one for co-opting new Councillors, and one to deal with the boundaries commission.
PCSO Evans also attended several meetings regarding the village.
The Council co-opted 3 new Councillors Cllr Lynet Pugh, Enfys H. Davies and Beth Anthony.
Representatives attended the following meetings during the year:-

  • Fuel allotments Committee,
  • Hall Committee,
  • Tyn Cornel Open Day,
  • Ysgol Henry Richard,
  • Boundaries Commission meeting at Tregaron.
  • Conflict of interest Meeting.

Several matters have been discussed with the Highway Department. There is still a problem with water on the Pont Llanio Road and Quar road. We are looking into purchasing new Grit boxes ready for next Winter. There is still problems with the wrong stone placed back on Pont Llanio bridge. The Council have made sure that all paths are passable. The Council also decided to look into widening the entrance to the car park, and tyding up the bus shelter at Hyfrydle.

The Street lights have been switched back on.

We are also looking into placing the Old School bell in a small tower above the tap on the square. The Council also discussed the matter of Yellow lines around the village.

The Council asked for quotes for putting safe the stones in the Cemetery, this was done by James Memorials.

The Grass at both Cemeteries were cut as usual and the hedge trimmed. The playing field was also cut. The usual footpaths Vicarage, Pebyll, Bronberllan, Gilfach and the footpath by the bridge were cleared and the pound garden was cut and cleared during the summer.

Flowers were planted at the War Memorial and Remembrance Day Service was held as usual The Rev Dafydd Aeron conducted the Service and the Chairman of the Council placed a wreath. We are still ongoing with the application to restore the War Memorial.

It was resolved to Precept for £8000.00 and the Cemetery grant of £3207.00 was forthcoming from Ceredigion County Council. The Council also completed a budget review 2017/18.

The Audit of the Council Accounts for financial year 2016 was completed and passed in October.

The Council renewed their One Voice Wales membership and we had insurance cover from Zurich as their quote was cheaper.

Several request for donations were given Ras Gwyl Dewi, Young Farmers Club, and Gogerddan Hunt.

Several planning applications were looked at and the Council voiced their opinions on some.

The Hall Committee held their Carnival again this year as it was a big success last year.

The Christmas tree was placed on the square over the Christmas period and new lights were bought.

This year there was a competition for the best decorated House or Business in the village and it was very successful also the Fox Hounds display on the Square on Boxing Day like usual.

Christmas dinner was held at Cilgwyn Golf Club.

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