Code of Conduct




  1. (1) In this code —

“co-opted member” (“aelod cyfetholedig”), in relation to a relevant authority, means a person who is not a member of the authority but who —

(a)   is a member of any committee or sub-committee of the authority, or

(b)   is a member of, and represents the authority on, any joint committee or joint sub-committee of the authority,

and who is entitled to vote on any question which falls to be decided at any meeting of that committee or sub-committee;

“meeting” (“cyfarfod”) means any meeting —

(a)   of the relevant authority,

(b)   of any executive or board of the relevant authority,

(c)   of any committee, sub-committee, joint committee or joint sub-committee of the relevant authority or of any such committee, sub-committee, joint committee or joint sub-committee of any executive or board of the authority, or

(d)   where members or officers of the relevant authority are present other than a meeting of a political group constituted in accordance with regulation 8 of the Local Government (Committees and Political Groups) Regulations 1990([1]),

and includes circumstances in which a member of an executive or board or an officer acting alone exercises a function of an authority;

“member” (“aelod”) includes, unless the context requires otherwise, a co-opted member;

registered society” means a society, other than a society registered as a credit union, which is –

(a) a registered society within the meaning given by section 1(1) of the Co- operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014; or

(b) a society registered or deemed to be registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act (Northern Ireland) 1969;

register of members interests” (“cofrestru o fuddiannau’r aelodau”) means the register established and maintained under Section 81 of the Local Government Act 2000

“relevant authority” (“awdurdod perthnasol”) means —

(a)   a county council,

(b)   a county borough council,

(c)   a community council,

(d)   a fire and rescue authority constituted by a scheme under section 2 of the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004([2]) or a scheme to which section 4 of that Act applies,

(e)   a National Park authority established under section 63 of the Environment Act 1995([3]);

“you” (“chi”) means you as a member or co-opted member of a relevant authority; and

“your authority” (“eich awdurdod”) means the relevant authority of which you are a member or co-opted member.

(2)    In relation to a community council –

(a)   “proper officer” (“swyddog priodol”) means an officer of that council within 
the meaning of Section 270(3) of the Local Government Act 1972(5); and

(b)   “standards committee” (“pwyllgor safonau”) means the standards committee of the county or county borough council which has functions in relation to the community council for which it is responsible under section 56(1) and (2) of the Local Government Act 2000.

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