Minutes – Llanddewi Brefi Community Council – 11/09/2017

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Minutes of the Community Council Meeting held on 11th September 2017 at the Community Centre


Councillors Rhodri Evans (Chairman), Emanuel Kincaid, John L. Griffiths, Caryl H Jones, Dafydd Lloyd-Jones, Lynet Pugh, Enfys H. Davies, Beth Anthony.

Councillor Lisa Jones and Cllr Eirwen James apologised for their inability to attend.

2. Personal 
The Council congratulated Caryl Jones on being elected Vice-chair of Ceredigion Y.F.C. and also Enfys Davies on winning on the reciting at Tregaron Eisteddfod. Also glad to see that Caryl Jones is better after being unwell. The Council congratulated Delyth and Dafydd Lloyd-Jones on becoming grandparents again. And also congratulated all the children that did their exams at Ysgol Henry Richard.

3. Declaration of Interest

4. Minutes
On the proposition of Councillor Emanuel Kincaid and seconded by Cllr Beth Anthony the Council authorised the Chairman to sign the minutes of Community Council meeting held on 10th July 2017.

5. Matters arising from the minutes

1. It was proposed by Cllr Emanuel Kincaid and seconded by Cllr John Griffiths that 6.3 Car park by laws, 6.5 Standing orders, and 6.6 Financial regulations be removed from the minutes until needed . All were in favour.
2. The manhole at Pont Llanio Bridge has been done.

6.1 Highways
6.1.1 Roads
a. Road widening Pant and Nantdderwen.
b. Work to be done on Quar Road.
c. Review parking instructions (a letter to be sent to Ceredigion that we want yellow lines by Bryncynon to be included in the traffic regulation order).


6.1.2 Tree and Boundary Maintenance.
a. Fencing right hand side of Pont Llanio Hill.
b. Tree on Pont Llanio Hill.

6.3 Website
a. Has been updated.

6.4 The Pound Garden
Nothing new.

6.5 Defibrillator
The Council The Council were informed that a meeting will be held on 19th September 2017.

6.6 Street Lights
Councillor Rhodri Evans would look into the cost with Ceredigion to switch back on.

7. Financial Report
Current Account £ 92.70
Business Res A/c £14,461.22

a. Authorising Payments.
Maureen Davies Salary £400.00

b. Paid In

8. Correspondence.
1. Application forms for Clustering Funding support the initial setting up of joint arrangements.
2. An application for a donation from Ser Dewi towards the cost of necessary work to the football field. The Council asked to see their financial report before we donate, as we ask all requests for donations to show their financial situation.


9. Reports

10. Matters arising from Ceredigion

a. Planning
A170753 Mast at Land North of Bronhelem Llanddewi Brefi.
We are in favour of the mast but there are still concerns as to the proximity of the mast to the building A letter has been sent to Ceredigion regarding this with an attached map for them to consider an alternative place.

A170829 Replacement windows Cwm Du Villa.
A letter has been sent to Ceredigion to say that it is not consistent with the conservation designated to the village.

A170692 New agricultural access road Pant Villa.
The Council sent a letter to Ceredigion with an explanation of why they did not agree with this application.

A170816 Conversion of outbuilding to holiday let Abercoed.
The Council had no objection to this planning.

11. Village Hall and Community Centre Trustees Committee
Nothing new.

12. Ysgol Henry Richard 3-16
The School were congratulated on their G.C.S.E exam results.

13. Cemetery
1. Two moles have been caught. The Council have decided to ask for quotes for erecting and lying down of the dangerous stones in the Cemetery.

14. Any other matter
1. The Council were concerned about stone on Pont Llanio bridge. The Council reckon it’s the wrong stone.
2. Manhole has been covered by Tarmac by the hall


3. The Council will look into the complaint they have had of slurry and mud escaping from Brynheulog fields and coming down Quar Hill and blocking drains when it is wet .
4. The Council were asked if it would be possible to put a mirror on the junction by London shop.
5. The Council will put in an application to put a small tower to hold school bell at the top of the tap by the phone box on the square.
6. It was decided that the this year Christmas dinner be held on Dec 1st
First choice Cilgwyn Golf Club
Second choice New Inn.
Also the Tree would go up on 11th December and we would have a switching on of the lights by Cllr Rhodri Evans.

Date of next meeting   9th October 2017

Signed                                                         Dated

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