Minutes – Llanddewi Brefi Community Council – 10/10/2022


Minutes of the Ordinary meeting held on Monday 10th October 2022 at 7:30pm in the Community Centre.
Draft minutes are published in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 and are subject to approval at the next ordinary meeting of the Community Council.

Councillors: Caryl Jones (Chair), Beth Anthony (vice chair), Enfys Hatcher-Davies, Rhodri Evans, Emmanuel Kincaid, John Lloyd Griffiths, Eirwen James, Dafydd Lloyd-Jones, Lynet Pugh.
1) Apologies.
Pat Parry, PCSO John Evans.
2) Personal Matters.
3) Declarations of interest.
4) Public participation
Members of the public were in attendance, but no specific items were submitted for discussion prior to the meeting.
5) To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 12 September 2022.
Council authorised the Chair to sign the minutes as a correct record of the of the ordinary meeting held on 12 September 2022.
6) Matters arising from the minutes
a) Clerk to contact Rachel Carter (co-ordinator for the LPfN fund at One Voice Wales) for input to proposed plans, following on from Biodiversity subcommittee planning meeting, to be organised for the week of the 17th of October 2022. Clerk to bring results of both meetings to the next full Council meeting.
b) Clerk to check timescale and requirements for Woodland Trust Community grant scheme and report back to next meeting.
c) Clerk to review The Finance & Governance Toolkit for Community and Town Councils – ‘Health Check tool kit’, and bring recommendations to the next meeting.
d) Defibrillator – Cllr James reported that the defibrillator was eligible for recall due to a software issue, but that a loan unit could not be arranged at present. As the manufacturer has noted “The problem does not occur on devices that are checked regularly and batteries are replaced when initially prompted”, and as the battery was last replaced before the ‘low power’ threshold was reached, Council resolved to


continue regular checks whilst waiting for availability of a loan unit, to avoid leaving the community without cover.
e) Council resolved to proceed to request a credit card for online payments, following advice from Barclays Bank. Clerk to consult One Voice Wales about amending Financial Regulations accordingly.
f) Bus Shelter Hyfrydle: Members offered to paint the shelter if paint supplied. However, Cllr Evans reported that BARCUD Housing Association have offered to repaint the shelter. Clerk to send a letter of thanks to Barcud on behalf of the Council.
g) 585 Bus Service Lampeter – Llanddewi Brefi – Tregaron Route: A letter from the office of Ben Lake MP has been displayed in Siop Brefi, regarding proposed changes to the route. Cllr Evans has agreed to check with the company to confirm changes and report to the next meeting.
7) Financial report.
a) Resolved to approve the bank reconciliation for the period ending 06 October 2022
i) Bank balances per statements at 16/09/2022 – £14,084.55
ii) Cash book balance at 06/10/2022 – £14,111.75
b) Authorisation of payments:
i) Grass cutting 2022 – invoice nr 11 £ 5,256.00 (Local Government Act 1972, s.214-215)
Reimbursement of payments made by members (Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 s.19)
ii) M E James; Storage boxes for bunting; £6.98
iii) C Jones – Replacement tap for Hall tea urn £27.59
Clerk’s expenses (Local Government Act 1972, s.111)
iv) Clerk’s expenses – Drop files/ printer ink – £59.60
Donations/ grants (Local Government Act 1972, s.137)
v) Clwb Pêl-droed Sêr Dewi – £300.00
vi) Llanddewi Brefi YFC (Fireworks display) – £600.00
c) Recurring/ direct debit payments:
i) BT; Hall telephone & broadband invoice; £53.94 (Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 s.19)
ii) Powys County Council; DBS Volunteer Check Fees (2nr – LEADER GRANT) – £24.00 – (Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 s.19, LGA 1972 s.144 & s133)
iii) Barclays Bank; Commission charges 15/08-12/09/2022 – £9.00 ( Local Government Act 1972, s.111)
iv) Dŵr Cymru; Water services – cemetery; £15.79 (Local Government Act 1972, s.214)
d) Payments received:
i) Reimbursement of burial costs – T E Jones (2021-2022) – £1060.00
ii) Bank interest 6JUN/ 4SEP – £0.50


• Members discussed the current arrangement whereby burial costs were paid by the Council and reimbursed by undertakers. Resolved to review current practices by other burial authorities. Clerk to consult with One Voice Wales and report at the next meeting.
• Members were reminded that in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the Welsh Ministers, the Welsh Local Government Association (the WLGA) and One Voice Wales (OVW), in March 2021, Burial authorities would waive the fees associated with child burials. Resolved to contact the County Council Monitoring Officer to clarify how funding from Welsh Government would be distributed.
• Motion under Standing Order 10(a) xi:
Proposed by Cllr Kincaid:
That the press and public should be excluded from the meeting when considering the following items of business, in accordance with s1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, on the grounds that it involves the disclosure of exempt information as defined in Paragraphs 12 and 14 of Part 4 of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 as amended:
Item 8 – Burial Clerk’s Contract
Item 11 – Applications for financial support – supporting information
The items involve discussion of s.137 grant applicant’s financial accounts and remuneration of staff.
Motion passed

• Motion under Standing Order 10(a) vi:
Proposed by Cllr Kincaid:
To change the order of business on the agenda so that items 8 & 11 are discussed consecutively.
To minimise the exclusion of public.
Motion passed
Members of the public left the meeting during discussion of items 8 & 11.
8) Burial Authority Fees and Burial Clerk Contract:
a) The burial fees and payments for interment were reviewed on the basis of gravedigger’s costs. Council resolved not to increase the charges for burial rights. Clerk to post revised fees on the website.
b) The Burial Clerk’s Job Description and Contract were reviewed. Press and public were excluded from the meeting, and the minutes for this agenda item are confidential.

9) To approve Council’s training plan for 2022
a) Council Resolved to approve the Training Plan proposed by the Clerk and distributed to members prior to the meeting.


b) Members to confirm their choice of training dates to the next meeting.
c) Council resolved to approve Introduction to Local Council Administration (ILCA) training for the Clerk. Clerk to organise training application and bursary application by next meeting.
d) Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA) training for Clerk to be reviewed in 2023, on completion of ILCA training.
10) To consider budget proposal for village hall refuse collection/cleaning
a) Cllr Kincaid presented a budget proposal for refuse collection costs for the village hall and recreation ground and clarified that these costs would have to be covered by the precept for 2023, if approved. Council resolved that the community should be consulted by posting proposed refuse collection costs and associated increases in precept costs on the Hall facebook page, for feedback and comments.
b) With respect to proposals for hiring cleaners for the village hall, it was resolved that a temporary position for a trial period until the end of March 2023 should be advertised, for 4 hrs each per month to clean the communal areas. Preparation of the job description and contract, and review of applications was delegated to the Chair and Vice-chair together with the Clerk. Clerk to place advertisements on noticeboards at Siop Brefi, The New Inn, and the Community Centre, in addition to the Council’s website. Applications to be submitted by 17 October 2022.
11) To consider applications for financial support. Press and public were excluded from the meeting during discussion of financial information submitted by applicants.
a) Llanddewi Brefi YFC – request for contribution to cost of annual fireworks display:
Council approved £600 donation.
b) Clwb Pêl-droed Sêr Dewi – request for contribution to ongoing costs.
Council approved £300 donation
c) Ysgol Bro Pedr PTA – request for contribution to annual Halloween event.
Members noted that financial accounts and statements had not been submitted and considered that a donation towards the cost of this event would not represent a proportionate benefit to the community.
12) To consider war memorial maintenance, cemetery shed repairs and bus shelter cleaning.
a) Council resolved to transfer £1000 from the Memorial paving budget to the Hall maintenance budget; balance to be spent by March 2023.
b) Memorial Maintenance – Resolved to obtain an estimate for cleaning works to be discussed at the next meeting.
c) Shed repairs – Following inspection it was considered that the shed was in good repair but required overgrowth of ivy and overhanging hedge to be removed. Resolved to set a date for members to carry out these works.
13) To review progress with Cynnal llanddewi Brefi LEADER Grant project
a) Youth ‘Drop In’ sessions:


i) Cllr James confirmed that DBS checked Volunteers had supervised all twice-weekly sessions to date, with between 12-15 children attending. Lower numbers were observed during the Bank Holiday sessions.
ii) Membership forms and feedback surveys have been issued to all attendees. Membership forms include explanation of ‘open door’ policy; in accordance with County Council run clubs, young people are permitted to enter and leave all youth clubs at any time and parents/ guardians are responsible for their safe return home and welfare outside the Community Centre building.
iii) Volunteers and attendees have discussed timing and frequency of sessions – suggested to start at 6 pm and finish at 8.30 pm, with one session per week. Every other Monday /Friday was proposed for these sessions – to exclude 2nd and 4th Mondays in each month to avoid clashes with Council and Hall meetings.
iv) For the Halloween event it was suggested to change the hours to 5- 8 pm to allow it to be opened out to younger age groups, in conjunction with informal village Halloween celebrations. Cllr Parry to purchase supplies for the event from Siop Brefi where possible – this was to be reimbursed out of the agreed donation by the Hall committee.
v) A Snooker/Pool/Darts competition was also discussed for youth club members, potential dates of 2nd/9th/16th December have been put forward. Clerk to check School term dates and confirm by the next meeting. Cllr Kincaid confirmed that £200 had been approved by hall Committee from Jubilee Grant funds to obtain new snooker cues and a dart board.
vi) Clwb Pêl-droed Sêr Dewi have filmed a football match using the Go Pro Camera and have had an additional 1 ½ hr review session using the interactive whiteboard for training purposes. They propose to do this for all home games moving forward.
vii) Issues with achieving remaining outputs to meet grant contract requirements were discussed. Agreed to contact Cynnal y Cardi to discuss revised/ alternative outputs.
viii) All participating groups to be reminded to submit volunteer timesheets and details of participant numbers and use of the new equipment during the project.
ix) Cllr Kincaid reminded everyone that the Council would be required to produce an evaluation summary as evidence of project outcomes, and input from other members was requested to complete this task.
x) Council resolved to hold a ‘Drop in’ session on 17th October 2022 from 6-7 pm to raise public awareness and to signpost new IT/digital technology facilities at the Hall. Clerk & Cllr Kincaid to organise notices and website posts to publicise the event.
14) Correspondence (forwarded to members prior to the meeting):
a) Online conference – The importance of Community & Town councils in building resilient spaces for nature – Thursday October 27th. Noted – Clerk & Cllr Kincaid attending


b) Urdd Gobaith Cymru – Council did not approve the request for donation on the grounds that it would not represent a proportionate benefit to the community. Clerk to write a letter confirming decision.
c) One Voice Wales (OVW) – reminder – September & October training dates – noted
d) Hywel Dda Community Health Council Report – noted
e) Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales – Community Review Guidance – noted
f) The National Lottery Community Fund – Community Coffee Club – noted
g) OVW – Welsh Government funded Defibrillator applications – noted
h) OVW – Closing Deadline for Applications to Local Places for Nature 21/11/2022 – Council had previously resolved not to proceed following eligibility advice.
i) Ceredigion County Council – letter regarding 2023-24 Precept – Precept to be decided in January meeting following budget review
j) OVW – Beulah Community Council Vacancy- noted
k) Letter from BroPedr Parent Teacher Association – Council did not approve the request for donation on the grounds that it would not represent a proportionate benefit to the community
l) Audit Wales – Drop off locations October 2022 –noted.
m) OVW – Ceredigion Area Committee 12/10/2022 – Agenda and draft minutes noted
n) OVW – campaign to improve paths and access to nature www.ramblers.org.uk/ourpathsourfuture –noted
o) OVW – Well-being of Future Generations Stakeholder Forum – Wellbeing of Wales: 2022 | GOV.WALES – Report noted
p) Llanddewi Brefi – Fuel Allotment Charity – copy of annual accounts 2021/2022 received – The Council acknowledged the resignation of one of the trustees on the Fuel Allotment Charity Committee. Cllr Evans confirmed there was now a vacancy. Previous appointments of trustees have been made by the Council. Resolved to request a copy of the governing document from the Charity Commission to clarify the Council’s position. Clerk to send a note on behalf of the Council to thank the trustee for his time on the committee.
15) To receive a report from the PCSO.
a) PSCO John Evans sent his apologies for being unable to attend. There were no incidents to report for this month.
b) Members raised concerns about oil and generator theft in the village. Clerk to inform the PCSO.
16) County Councillor’s report on matters arising from Ceredigion:
a) HGV’s have been reported to be ignoring the signs by the bridge, directing them towards Lampeter, and having to reverse on the square or back down to the bridge. Cllr Evans informed members that a meeting had been organised with representatives from the Highway authority, on Thursday 13th October to discuss the issues raised, and that members of the public were welcome to be present.
b) Cllr Evans also announced there would be more signage for dog owners to take pet waste home with them in Llangeitho and Llanddewi Brefi.
c) Confirmed that the proposed 20mph speed limits should be in force by Sept 2030.
17) To receive a report from the Village Hall and Recreation Grounds Committee.


None received.
18) Questions to the Chair:
a) A member raised the notice from E Jones regarding changes to bus routes no notice has been received as yet via the Clerk or Chair:Clerk to make further enquiries to report back next meeting.
b) Cllr James requested more help from other members to assist with the Youth Drop-in sessions.
c) It was reported that several Slippery Road signs had appeared near Cefn Llan and other locations. Cllr Evans confirmed this may have been in response to previously reports of incidents having taken place in these areas.
d) Pynfarch lane post repairs are still outstanding. One member also reported that a signpost to the footpath, near the bridge by the old school, had been bent.
e) A member of the public asked if it would be possible to organise another community get together to clean up the outside of the hall in the near future.
19) Date of next meeting:

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