solid red line: footpath;
solid fuchsia line: bridleway;
solid green line: restricted byway;
solid blue line: byway open to all traffic.

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Credits and small print

The map on this web page has been generated by
The underlying map is provided by
OS OpenSpace
and this is © Crown copyright and database rights 2012 Ordnance Survey.
Data containing details of the rights of way has been released under licence by local authorities. This data is used to generate the coloured lines.
An authority’s Definitive Map is the authoritative source of their rights of way.
The details of the public rights of way network contained in an authority’s data are for information only, and are an interpretation of the Definitive Map, not the Definitive Map itself, and should not be relied on for determining the position or alignment of any public right of way.
For legal purposes, an authority’s data does not replace their Definitive Map,
and changes may have been made to the Definitive Map that are not included in their data.
The authority’s data contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2013.
Attempting to view this data with more detail than 1:10000 may produce an inaccurate rendering of the route of a public right of way.

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